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Our 20,000 Sqft production facility is equipped with precision welding machinery, advanced metal forming technologies including laser cutting, plasma cutting, and oxy-fuel cutting, as well as efficient material handling equipment, 20 Ton crane, for streamlined manufacturing processes. We have Certified Welders and Engineers specialized in complex industrial fabrication.

    • ASME Section I, B31.1, and B31.3 Pipe & Valve Spool Fabrication
    • Pipe Skids (Process, Cold Boxes, Cooling Water, Fuel, Lube Oil, etc.)
    • Modular Pipe Racks
    • ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels (Adsorber, CO Catalyst, Process, Reactor, etc.)
    • Lined Ductwork, Diverter Boxes and Stacks
    • Silencers (Stack, Inlet, Exhaust, Vent, In-Line Section VIII, Enclosures and Shrouds)
    • Process Heaters
    • Specialty Equipment
    • AIS/AWS Structural Components Fabrications
    • Sand Blast & Paint Booth
Manufacturing Capabilities